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Our world - life on our earth - is getting worse and not better as long as ...

... a lot of things basically do not work differently and the behaviour (acting, doing and not) of the ruling people does not change and as long as they go on ruling with questionable and bad goals from the outset, and do not keep guidelines and promises.

... the rulers of the states (chancellors, heads of state, dictators, etc.) in the world continue to act and govern in such an unjust, exploitative, liar and fraudulent manner.

... governments promote people who do little for other people and society or even cause them harm, everything will only get worse.

... positions, offices and posts are filled by people who do not have the necessary qualifications. This then leads, for example, to the well-known bungling, and this applies all the more, the more power is connected with the office or the post, e.g. in the case of ministerial posts. Unfortunately, the unskilledness of people in higher positions continues to increase, as was shown, for example, by the establishment of the new government of the Federal Republic of Germany in November 2021. The unskilledness of people in "higher" positions is one of the greatest evils and the cause of other evils, such as injustice, which is also increasing. The overwhelming power of bunglers is formed especially when filling posts in ministries and ministerial posts by lawyers who, despite a lack of knowledge and specialist knowledge, occupy positions, govern and rule.

... people are best rewarded who do little or even harm the community, the common good and society as a whole.

... the rulers glorify what is basically to be condemned because it is harmful to the world, such as globalization in its current form, which paves the way for worldwide speculation, crimes, exploitation, international crime, waste of various kinds, spreading of errors locally as well as all over the world, rapid spread of diseases (see viruses - corona, etc.). Globalization as it is practiced now is destroying established and existing social systems. It promotes and drives unnecessary effort and consumption, which then leads to the destruction of the original nature, as shown in climatic changes, air, soil and sea pollution, global warming.

... the rulers create the problems of this world themselves, such as shown previously in globalization or through interference, causing wars.

.... a lot of things are not changed or omitted, what people have welcomed so far and also covered with hymns of praise.

... errors and "confusing teachings on confused action" (Goethe) are spread from the official (state) side, also because official science submits to politics.

In the following I give some examples of such mistakes (behaviour: acting, doing, driving and leaving) individually that make the world not better but worse.     


Our world is getting worse and not better as long as:


Nobel Prizes are awarded to people for "achievements" that do not benefit their fellow men, but rather harm them


 Nobel Prize to the former US President Barack Obama


 Nobel Prize to Yasser Arafat


Nobel Prizes for Economics (Finance)


Nobel Prizes for irrelevant "research results" that do not serve people


States - especially western ones - intervene violently and militarily in other countries if there are no "good" reasons (and prospects)


The interference and destruction of Iraq by President George W. Bush


Interfering in Libya


Interfering in Syria


Interference in Ukraine by the West (also from the European Union)


 A Conclusion: Evil comes from the few in power (not from the people)


Globalization and trade agreements (free trade agreements) continue to be operated and glorified across the board as before


The demand for economic growth from the highest places persists


"Democracy" is seen as the most desirable social order, even where (turbo-)capitalism is decisive


Contradictions and hypocrisy


Eligibility to vote


Freedom of Expression and Diversity of Opinion


Democracy - is cheating on the people! Why? Because the people don't exercise an  y power through the elections, but give it up, insofar as it had any at all!


5.4 Democracy - is cheating the people! Why?

Article 20 of the Basic Law of the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) states:

All governmental power comes from the people. It is exercised by the people in elections and votes and by special legislative, executive and judicial organs.

Or elsewhere you can read:

Democracy today refers to forms of government, political orders or political systems in which power and government emanate from the people.

This gives the impression that the people have (political) power. But that is not the case! That power emanates from the people is a misleading brain construct of those who have the power to create something so misleading. And it's not the only misleading nonsense even in the Basic Law of the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany).

The people exercise no power through the elections, but they give up their power - if they have any at all!
Even in a so-called democracy, power goes to a few, more or less crazy people who, together with other cliques, pursue their own interests first and foremost and not those of the people!

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